Best described as a creative, the scope of Aaron Nardi's work is hard to fit into a box. While he spends most days as a very skilled Cinematographer he’s also a talented Photographer with over 2 decades of published and commercial work in both categories. Aaron's diverse background including advertising, art direction, and professional athletics come together to provide him with a very unique perspective and his work a distinct style.

Not just a camera jockey, Aaron takes equal amount of pride in his writing and producing skills; creating multiple series for ESPN, producing projects for MTV, directing campaigns, and creating content strategies for a number of clients.

While based in Los Angeles, Aaron can often be found, or not found, around the world shooting and exploring. Aaron’s work has taken him to some of the most epically luxurious locations around the world as well as well as some of the grimmest. Equally comfortable in both worlds he just enjoys the adventure.