Over the past few months we’ve worked with Adidas on a plethora of projects; including commercials, product releases, athlete profiles, product videos etc… all have been vertically integrated covering all of production and a few have included creative on top of that. Below are samples of different style videos we’ve produced together.

Insomniac - EDC

The Insomniac workflow covers a lot of ground from show trailers, tv shows, announcements, documentary, wild one off ideas, humanitarian efforts, an interview series shot in a golf cart and everything in between. It’s often hard work, usually long hours and sometimes difficult conditions but it’s worth it to work with such a talented, devoted, and cool group of people. Below are just a few examples of the kind of projects we do, for the full breadth of content check out Insomniac Events on the YouTube.

Philanthropy / Documentary

Insomniac - Hurricane Dorian Relief Effort

We went to the Bahamas after the devastating Hurricane Dorian with the goal of providing shelter for thousands of people who lost everything. We spent a week transporting, building, and teaching locals about Shift Pods which are basically the Rolls Royce of temporary housing.

Smile Train - India Cleft Palete 360 Videos

Although Cleft Palate is fairly simple to fix here in the US it’s still a major issue in many countries, and the effect it has on people’s lives goes far beyond cosmetic issues and heavily influences their everyday lives. With Optomist we headed to India and tasked to 360 videos to help raise awareness and raise money for Smile Train to continue to perform tens of thousands of cleft palate surgeries world wide every year.

Client Work

Full little/big project for Facebook, shot in Singapore, Dublin, Menlo Park, San Paulo, New York and Los Angeles with Imaginary Forces.

Fun Jui Jitsu edit for Vanguard’s Dead Stock Denim Kimono mixing fashion with function.

A few fun steadi-cam and green screen projects fofor UCLA Orthopaedic Hospital. DOP'd by Aaron Nardi produced w/ Butcher Bird Studios.

Andy Funk rides from LA to Vegas unassisted in under 24 hours for charity. Shooting for 24 hours seemed difficult until you think about Andy out there riding alone the whole time. DOP'd by Aaron Nardi produced and edited by Andy Funk.

Behind the scenes promo content of a hugely popular mobile game with some of the best voice-over actors in the business. Directed by Aaron Nardi produced w/ Butcher Bird Studios.

Real Estate project for some friends where we got to have a little fun with gimbals and sliders. Directed by Aaron Nardi produced w/ Butcher Bird Studios.

Tylt - Untethered

Telly Award winning "Branded Content" series directed by Aaron Nardi produced w/ Butcher Bird Studios for Tylt Products.

TV & Show Reel

A few tv projects, shows, series, pilots, etc Aaron Nardi shot and produced in 2016.

ESPN - Series

Along with a lot of random/sporadic content for broadcast on TV and digital I've also created, developed, and produced a number series for EPSN. Above are a few of those series that fall under the XGames umbrella.

Nexon - The Bone Zone

The Bone Zone was a short web series created to promote Dungeon Fighter Online and an upcoming DFO event.  The concept was to a ridiculous low budget mock Jim Rome: Rome is Burning show focused on video games instead of sports,  and I think we pulled it off. While the content all surrounds video games the real fun was going over the top and amplifying every cliche we could think off. I still don’t know if most of the audience got most of the production humor but it’s ridiculousness still entertains me.